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August 23, 2020  

#29 - Running Across America with Shan Riggs

My guest today is ultra runner Shan Riggs. Shan's running resume includes close to 50 ultra marathons including the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run which is the oldest 100 miler in the country. Shan is about to embark on a run across the United States for Foodshare which is Greater Hartford Connecticut's regional food bank. The people at Foodshare connected Shan and I because that was the non profit that I ran from Canada to Connecticut to support. In less than a week, Shan will be running from San Francisco, CA all the way back to Connecticut to raise money for Foodshare in these difficult times that the world is currently experiencing. He is trying to finish the run in three to four months and raise a lot of awareness for food insecurity along the journey. If you'd like to find out more about the run or support Shan please visit

If you would like to connect with Shan on social media his IG is If you would like to learn more about myself and the show please visit

August 20, 2020  

#28 - What’s Your Why with AMPed Up Coaching Founder Amy Puchini

My guest today is AMPed Up Coaching founder Amy Puchini. Amy received her undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences and is currently pursuing her masters in holistic nutrition. She started AMPed Up Coaching as a way to help others achieve their goals by utilizing fitness, nutrition, and mindset together in harmony. She preaches that making small changes is the way to creating lasting change in one's life. In the episode we talk about how Amy found a passion for fitness and nutrition, starting AMPed Up Coaching, what helping others means to her and so much more on this episode of TKP. Amy has a great IG where she shares a ton of content and it also includes everything about her business. Go check it out If you're interested in learning more about myself and the show please visit  

August 14, 2020  

#27 - For the Love of Running with Anthony Garcia

My guest today is Anthony Garcia. Anthony is a former collegiate offensive lineman turned ultra endurance athlete. If you know anything about football, offensive linemen are the biggest people on the field who typically hate running. I know this was the case for Anthony and I at least! Anthony's playing career ended in 2003, but it wasn't until two years ago that he found trail running and fell in love with sport. Since his football career ended, he has lost 140 pounds and completed numerous ultra running races including the Aravaipa Black Canyon 100K and most recently the Cool Moon 100 Miler. In the episode we discuss Anthony's football background, weight loss, why he got into ultra trail running, his recent 100 miler, and so much more! If you'd like to get in touch with Anthony his IG is To learn more about myself and the show please visit

July 20, 2020  

#26 - Whatever It Takes with Miami Dolphins Equipment Asst. Shorney Douet

My guest today is Shorney Douet. Shorney is a high school buddy of mine where we played football together. Following high school, Shorney attended Allegheny College and played football for two years before transfering to Penn State. Shorney has done whatever it has taken to get into the sports world and has an incredible story of perseverance to get to where he is today: An equipment assistant for the Miami Dolphins. He has worked with the Orgeon and Penn State Football programs as well as the Kansas City Chiefs prior to his current position with the Dolphins. In the episode we discuss Shorney's journey to where he is today, his future goals, and advice for others in order for them to reach their dreams! If you'd like to get in touch with Shorney his IG is and his Twitter is To learn more about myself and the show please visit or check out the show's IG page

July 17, 2020  

For the Kids with WATS Baseball Tournament Director Will Visgilio

My guest today is War at the Shore Baseball Tournament Director Will Visgilio. Will and I grew up playing in these tournaments together and now he has taken over as the tournament director and is doing an amazing job. WATS has experienced a difficult summer with COVID, but they've found a way to adapt to regulations and still provide a world class experience for the kids who make the trip to Southeastern Connecticut for a tournament. WATS has been in business since 2001 and it was started by the current General Manager of the company, Joe Zrenda. Joe built the business from the ground up and now WATS is attracting more than 300 teams per summer with weekend events featuring 90+ teams. In the episode we discuss the history of WATS, what it's like putting on a massive tournament, why the company is all for the kids, and so much more on the Season 1 finale of TKP! If you'd like to check out War at the Shore visit or check them out on their social media pages. IG: FB: To learn more about myself and the show please visit or check out the show's IG page

July 10, 2020  

The Yes Men - ThunderMeat Endurance Founders Jack Johnson, Nate Rozell, & Jon Lacy

My guests today are ThunderMeat Endurance founders Jack Johnson, Nate Rozell, and Jon Lacy. When races were canceled due to COVID, these three men created ThunderMeat to keep people's motivation high and allow their participants to discover a new physical and mental limit that they never thought was possible. ThunderMeat has put on three races thus far with their fourth coming on August 22nd. Each event is unique and different than the traditional race companies in the world of endurance. In the episode we discuss each of their running backgrounds, why they started ThunderMeat, the races they've put on, future plans, and advice for people afraid to get into the world of endurance. It was so much fun recording with these awesome dudes and I hope you enjoy! If you'd like to find out more about ThunderMeat please visit To connect with Jack visit, Nate, and Jon To learn more about myself and the show visit https://www.tannerkern.com, and

July 2, 2020  

From Massive Setback to Major Comeback with Mike Gulino

My guest today is Mike Gulino. Mike grew up in Meriden, Connecticut. At Maloney High School he was a three sport athlete, but ultimately chose to play baseball at the collegiate level. Mike earned a scholarship to Pace University where he received numerous accolades. He continued his career professionally in the independent ranks for the Cleburne Railroaders and Florence Freedom. When Mike was with the Freedom, he suffered a C5 burst fracture which is a broken neck and this sidelined him for over a year. Since his injury, Mike has returned to playing baseball and is working to become a better athlete than he was before the injury to earn an opportunity to get back into professional baseball. Mike is currently an assistant baseball coach at Albertus Magnus College and recently opened Top Level Baseball which is a training facility for athletes looking to improve their game. If you'd like to find Mike on social media, his Instagram is and Top Level's is Their website is Get your TK: Elite Mindset gear now by visiting and to learn more about the show and myself please visit

June 23, 2020  

Pitching Through Adversity with Kyle Wollman

My guest today is Kyle Wollman. Kyle played baseball at Xavier High School and graduated in 2015. He went on to play baseball at Endicott College where he pitched for the Gulls the past five seasons. The journey wasn't smooth sailing though as Kyle suffered numerous arm injuries throughout his career. In the fall of his senior year at Xavier, he partially tore his UCL which would be the beginning of his arm issues. He would ultimately get Tommy John surgery at Endicott his freshman year which would force him to be sidelined for his first two seasons. This didn't stop Kyle from overcoming these obstacles and turning into a dominant starting pitcher for Endicott in his final seasons with the team. In the episode, we talk about Kyle's baseball beginnings in Berlin Little League, his career at Xavier, college baseball, and how he overcame the obstacles that were thrown his way. It was a real pleasure to get to hear Kyle's story. If you'd like to connect with him on Instagram please visit and if you want to learn more about myself and the show check out DON'T FORGET to grab your TK: Elite Mindset gear before the store closes on June 29th by visiting

June 19, 2020  

260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run Recap with Jordan Tucker & Jim Kern

My cousin Jordan and myself, with the support of our Crew Chief Jim Kern, ran 260 miles from Canada to Connecticut between June 12th - June 18th. We recorded the show the day after we got back and we recap the highs, lows, and every single day of our trip from Canada to Connecticut. It was seven straight days of ultramarathons where we spent 60 hours and 50 minutes of time on our feet. We ran to benefit Foodshare and I can't thank everyone at the non-profit enough for how special they made the finish line at their office. In total, we raised $13,000 which can allow Foodshare to provide over 30,000 meals for people suffering from food insecurity in these difficult times of COVID-19. I blogged everyday of the trip! To learn more about the show, myself, and the blog check it out and if you'd like to order my new TK: Elite Mindset apparel please visit! The store will be open until June 29th. Thank you for the support!

June 10, 2020  

Pursuing the Greatest Challenge with Marine Veteran Colin Morris

My guest today is Colin Morris. Colin is a high school buddy and football teammate of mine where we won two state titles together. In his senior year, Colin enlisted in the Marines and he recently finished his service this past October of 2019. In his time in the military, Colin did two deployments overseas. His first tour was in Syria and his second was in Japan as well as the Philippines. In the episode we discuss Colin's high school football career, enlisting in the Marines, boot camp, his deployments and so much more! If you'd like to connect with Colin his Instagram is If you want to learn more about the show visit or check out the show's Instagram

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