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May 27, 2020  

How to Flip the Script with Dr. Coyte Cooper

My guest on today's show is High Performance Specialist, life coach, author, and keynote speaker Dr. Coyte Cooper. Dr. Cooper is passionate about creating memorable experiences that empower people to achieve their highest potential. We discuss Dr. Cooper's most recent book "Flip the Script" throughout the podcast as well as how he got to where he is today. For myself, "Flip the Script" was a life changing book so it was an honor to get Dr. Cooper on the show to discuss the messages he wrote throughout the text. In the podcast, we touch on a lot of the book's content, but if you're interested in picking up a copy for yourself visit Dr. Cooper is also offering a free audio version of "Flip the Script" at and if you want to learn more about Dr. Cooper visit his personal website If you want to learn more about the show visit or the podcast instagram

May 25, 2020  

Continuing to Push the Limit with Dreux Beirne

My guest on today's episode is Dreux Beirne. Dreux is an endurance athlete who hasn't stopped pushing himself physically and mentally since he was going on 100 mile bike rides in high school. Dreux has completed over 12 marathons and ultramarathons as well as several Ironman triathalons, but his cycling feats are Dreux's proudest endurance accomplishments. In 2015, Dreux biked the entire TransAmerica Bike Trail which is a 4,700 mile trail with 150,000 ft. of elevation gain. He followed this up with biking the Great Divide Trail in 2019. The Great Divide is a 3,083 mile trail with 200,000 ft. of elevation gain that runs along North America's Continental Divide. We dive deep into these two trips, how Dreux got into endurance, the lessons he has learned on the journey and so much more! If you want to read about Dreux's major bike trips here are the links and If you want to learn more about the show visit or follow the show's Instagram

May 21, 2020  

Embracing the Uncertainty with Niko Kvietkus and Glenn Cunningham

My guests on this episode are Niko Kvietkus and Glenn Cunningham. Niko is a junior defensive lineman at the University of New Hampshire and Glenn is a senior linebacker at Fordham University. Both have had great careers up to this point as Niko was named to the 2019 All-CAA 3rd team and Glenn is a three time All-Patriot League selection as well as a Hero Sports freshman and sophomore All-American. With the uncertainty of the upcoming college football season, I wanted to pick the brains of these two on what they're doing to stay ready despite the pandemic. We also discuss how they both got into football, what it took to get to where they're at today, advice for others, favorite football memories and so much more! If you're interested in connecting with Niko on social media and To connect with Glenn check out and If you're interested in learning more about the show visit or

May 18, 2020  

Endurance Nutrition with Chris Barrett RD CSCS

My guest today is Chris Barrett RD CSCS. This is the second part of Chris' interview and today we're focusing on endurance nutrition. Chris is a Registered Dietician at Hartford Hospital's Bone and Joint Institute, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as a distance running coach. On the show we look at relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S), why skinnier isn't always faster, what endurance athletes should consume during races and training, Chris' recommendations for endurance products, and so much more! If you're interested in connecting with Chris his Instagram's are and If you want to learn more about Chris here is his bio from Hartford Hospital's Bone and Joint Institute If you're interested in learning more about the show visit or the show's instagram

May 15, 2020  

Cultivating Relationships and Leaders Through Running with Chris Barrett RD CSCS

Chris Barrett is a Registered Dietician, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and member of Green Farms Academy's cross country/track & field coaching staff. Chris was a very successful marathon runner. In 2011, Chris ran the Boston Marathon in a time of 2:48 and followed this up with a finish at the New York City Marathon in 2015. Despite his marathon success, ventricular tachycardia would ultimately end his distance running career in 2017. Since then, Chris has devoted himself to building stronger athletes for a greater purpose through nutrition as well as continuing to give back to the sport through his coaching. This is the first of two episodes with Chris. There will be another episode Monday where Chris discusses endurance nutrition, running tips, and so much more! If you're interested in connecting with Chris his Instagram's are and If you want to learn more about Chris here is his bio from Hartford Hospital's Bone and Joint Institute If you're interested in learning more about the show visit or the show's instagram

May 14, 2020  

A New Perspective on the Game with Collin McCarthy

Collin McCarthy grew up around sports. As soon as he could walk he had a ball, glove, or stick in his hand. Collin excelled in multiple sports, but in high school he decided to focus on football and lacrosse. This paid off as he earned and accepted a scholarship to Loyola University (MD) to play lacrosse. Loyola is a storied program that consistently finishes as a top 10 nationally ranked team and in 2012 the program won its first national title. Collin played two years at Loyola, but his career ended eight months ago when he suffered his last of many concussions that he endured throughout his athletic career. On the show we get into Collin's athletic career, life after lacrosse, dealing with concussions, what sports has taught him and so much more. Collin has a great story of perseverance and it was a pleasure to hear him share it on the show! If you're interested in connecting with Collin his Instagram is, Twitter, Facebook, and his email is If you're interested in learning more about the show visit or visit

May 12, 2020  

Endurance for a Cause with Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins joins me as my guest on Episode 10 of the show! Scott lives and works in London, UK as a Regional Sales Manager for Johnson & Johnson. Scott is also an insane ultra endurance athlete. Scott's resume include numerous 100+ mile ultra footrace finishes including a 35th place finish at Moab 240. Moab is a 240 mile endurance run through Moab, Utah which includes just under 30,000 ft of elevation gain. Scott does many of these endurance challenges for charities as well which makes all his accomplishments even more special. One challenge we talk about on the show was Scott's 2000 mile run over 75 days from Boston, Massachusetts to Austin, Texas. He is currently an ambassador for Operation Smile which provides free and safe surgery for children and adults affected by cleft lip and cleft palate. We discuss all this and much more on this episode of The Tanner Kern Podcast. If you'd like to connect with Scott on social media his instagram is and his Facebook is If you're interested in learning more about the show visit



May 7, 2020  

Why Do We Run - The Ultra Runner Jack Johnson

My final guest on the podcast's "Why Do We Run" series is Jack Johnson. In the past two days we've had the perspective on why we run from a marathon chaser and a 21 time marathoner, but today we get the perspective from Jack. Jack is a 2 time 100 mile race finisher and has completed over 20 ultramarathons in the past 10 years. This wasn't always the case for Jack though because he didn't even start running until the age of 30. In his second road marathon attempt he qualified for Boston then quickly found ultra trail running and has not looked back. We get into a lot of great topics like mindset, what ultra running has done for Jack, and some detailed reports on what it's like running 100 miles! If you want to find Jack on social media his Instagram is If you're interested in learning more about myself and the show visit

May 6, 2020  

Why Do We Run - The 21 Time Marathoner Matt Conyers

The second guest on the "Why Do We Run" series is Matt Conyers. Matt is the head track and field coach at Mercy High School in Middletown, CT. He has also completed 21 marathons since 2009 including four majors finishes in New York, Chicago, and Berlin(2). Matt attributes some of the best relationships in his life to running and we discuss this as well as how he got into the sport, why he continues to run, the reasons that he coaches, and so much more. It was awesome to get to talk to Matt and I guarantee that you will be able to hear his passion for running at every single point in the episode. If you're interested in finding Matt on social media, his twitter is and if you want more information on Mercy High School track and field visit If you're interested in learning more about the show visit:

May 5, 2020  

Why Do We Run - The Marathon Chaser Hanna Busch

Over the next three days, The Tanner Kern Podcast will release the "Why Do We Run" Series. Each day will feature a different guest with unique backgrounds in the sport of running. The series will include a 21 time marathoner as well as an ultrarunner, but today's show will feature Hanna Busch who is chasing her first marathon finish. Hanna is extremely positive and this is evident throughout the entire interview. Hanna is a life coach, model, and relatively new runner. She first started running as a way to stay in shape for her modeling career, but didn't fall in love with the sport until she completed her first 10k. We get into a lot of topics including her journey, what she hopes people receive from her message, and why she runs!

If you'd like to connect with Hanna her Instagram link is and her website is

If you want to learn more about the show visit